Friday, March 23, 2012

Stand UP for Religious Freedom

Today was the day! All across the country thousands of people stood up for religious freedom, proclaiming WE WILL NOT COMPLY!! The HHS mandate is unconstitutional! To usurp our First Amendment rights is an unprecedented attack on the US Constitution. I was proud to bring some of my kiddos.

Standing with me is Ellen Kolb, an amazing prolife warrior from New Hampshire. She is also involved with Cornerstone Action in New Hampshire, working on legislation.
My daughter's sign "Mr. President, What happened to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution?"

And the other side.
Ellen gives a FANTASTIC speech to the crowd. My favorite line - my religion is not a crime!
It was very interesting to note that the crowd included men AND women, many of us with kids in tow. The mainstream media would have you believe that it is "old,white men who are against this mandate, but that is an outright lie. Although there were some old men, this being New Hampshire and all, the majority were pretty young! (And personally, I think old, white men have just as much a right to their free expression of belief as much as anyone else.)
The real war on women is being waged right now - and it is against any woman who doesn't agree with the radical agenda of Obama, Planned Parenthood, and Sebelius. I am so glad I was able to get out and participate in this rally today. 

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