Wednesday, May 7, 2014

There is a video making the rounds of a young woman who filmed her abortion so that people can see there is such a thing as a "positive abortion experience." I am not going to repost it because it is an utter fabrication of the woman's actual experience. Did it really happen? Possibly. Does it depict her actual experience? Partly. Does it show the reality of the aborted baby? Of course not.

This video is heavily edited, obviously, and all the players knew they were being videotaped. The video is only of the young woman's face, shot from above and behind her, so we never actually see her expression while the abortion is happening. We don't see what is actually happening during the abortion as the camera is aimed steady on her face.

But I think what is missing is the woman seeing the "pregnancy" after the abortion. She doesn't have to look at the pieces of her child floating around in the bloody mess, somebody else will do that for her. She doesn't have to pour the baby parts into the bag afterward, someone else will do that for her. Someone else will have nightmares for her, while she goes on pretending she didn't kill her own child.

For now, she will revel in the applause from the proabortion world she lives in, she will absorb the admiration she receives for pushing the boundaries and upholding the party-line. She has surrounded herself with people who believe what she is doing is good and noble, and she will believe it.

But when she is alone, she won't be able to escape the reality that she killed that baby she saw on the sonogram. The "what if's?" will creep in, and she will push them away. She will never say anything because she will not allow herself to grieve. She will be in pain, and she will suffer - alone. She will never betray the mantra that there are no feelings after abortion other than relief. To betray that would be to betray her deepest held beliefs.

When the day comes when she can no longer hold in the pain and needs to grieve, I hope she knows there are people to help her. We have been there too, and we want to help. She is no different than any other woman who has been deceived that abortion is the answer to a problem. She doesn't know it, but her problems are just beginning. Please pray for this woman and her baby.